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HB 1355 was recently passed by the Florida House State Affairs Committee on April 19th and is currently undergoing a full House review process, with a high likelihood of becoming law. This bill prohibits the purchase or acquisition of Florida real estate by individuals from certain countries, including China.


Similarly, SB 264 was unanimously passed by the Florida Senate on April 11th and restricts foreign ownership of Florida agricultural land and infrastructure, with a specific focus on restricting Chinese individuals from buying property in Florida. The vague definition of who can and cannot purchase property under these bills has raised grave concerns that they could be used to target Chinese individuals and prevent them from purchasing homes in Florida.


We believe that national security is of paramount importance. However, the legislative overreach in Section 7 of HB1355 and SB264 is both unconstitutional and deeply discriminatory to the AAPI community, equating all Chinese citizens without a Green Card to agents of the Chinese Community Party. The bills violate the United States Constitution, the Florida State Constitution, the Fair Housing Act, and federal and state regulations that protect civil liberties and equal rights for all immigrants. They are remnants of the notorious Alien Land Law, which was removed from the Florida Constitution barely give years ago, in 2018.


These bills are heartbreaking. They infringe upon our rights and freedom and will have a negative impact on our families, communities, and economy. We hope that these laws can be repealed or amended to address the concerns of the Chinese community, so that Chinese people living here can once again feel that they are part of the nation and can continue to pursue their American dream.

See the NAPABA Statement of Opposition for more information. 

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