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About Us

Who We Are

Florida Asian American Justice Alliance (FAAJA) is a bipartisan non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of Asians against discrimination and hate by promoting social justice and equality and furthering the economic, cultural, political, and civic engagement of Florida's Asian community. With the increasing number of discrimination and hate crimes against Asians in recent years in the United States, we believe it was necessary to form this organization to speak up and support Florida’s Asian community.


Our alliance strives to unite all Asians of different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds, including but not limited to the six largest Asian American subgroups: Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese. FAAJA's purpose is to serve the Asian community in Florida to have a significant positive impact on the lives of all Asians in Florida and throughout the United States and contribute to a more just and equitable society. To that end, we will focus on: 

● Combating discrimination and hate speech: We will work with legislators, various governmental agencies, and local communities to formulate and implement anti-discrimination policies, as well as provide services, such as mental health support and legal assistance, to Florida’s Asian community. 

● Promoting education and cultural diversity: We will promote the development of the Asian culture in Florida, advocate for educational diversity, and encourage community members to participate in social and political activities.

● Establishing community connections: We will provide a platform for the Asian community to support and learn from each other. We will organize various activities, such as cultural exhibitions, volunteer services, and community gatherings, to promote these community connections. 


We firmly believe that only through an Asian American alliance such as FAAJA can we fight for the respect and rights that the Asian community deserves. We call on all Asian community members in Florida to join our alliance, work together, and build a more just, equal, and inclusive society for our future and future generations of Asian Americans. 

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