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Our aim is to uphold the legitimate rights and interests of Florida’s Asian community, oppose and combat any form of discrimination and hatred, promote social justice and equality, and promote the economic, cultural, and political development of the Asian community.

FAAJA membership is free and will keep you and the AAPI community informed. So - JOIN THE FIGHT!


FAAJA Needs you


FAAJA (Florida Asian American Justice Alliance) is an organization born out of the unity and resilience of the Asian community. On April 19th, a historic day, etched in our memories, we stood together against discriminatory bills that aimed to restrict our land ownership rights. Fueled by our determination, over a hundred Chinese individuals from across Florida rallied in Tallahassee, the state capital, to testify against these unjust laws.


Yet, as we stood before the legislators, our voices were met with indifference. We felt the weight of powerlessness. It was in that moment, outside the State Capitol, that FAAJA was conceived, a non-partisan, non-profit C4 organization. We have three missions: 1. Bring awareness to the Chinese and Asian community, especially younger generation, to be more politically involved. 2. Unite other Asian communities and ethnic groups to advocate for equality and fight against discrimination. 3. Support state and local officials and legislators who represent the best interest of our community. Over the past two months, we have made significant strides in our mission to fight for justice and equality.


Here is a list of our major achievements since FAAJA was born. We organized protests, participated in hearings, and issued press releases to shed light on the discriminatory bills. We united six major cities across Florida in a statewide rally, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to combat discrimination and injustice. We have also reached out to reputable national law firms and nonprofit organizations to garner support for a lawsuit, initiated by CALDA (Chinese American Legal Defense Alliance), that aims to overturn this discriminatory law. CALDA, with the ACLU and other national legal organizations, filed lawsuit and preliminary injunction with the court, and they are scheduled for a hearing in July.


Together, we must stand in solidarity with other communities and groups, joining forces to fight against discrimination in all its forms. Our battle is not only for ourselves but for future generations, who deserve a society free from prejudice and injustice.


Please join FAAJA in our pursuit of justice, equality, and empowerment. By becoming a member, you can become an agent of change and amplify our collective voice and impact. Together, we can shape a better future, where no one's rights are trampled upon, and every voice is heard.


Let us not forget the lessons we learned on that historic April day. Let us rise above powerlessness and embrace the power of unity, determination, and action. Join FAAJA today and let us create a brighter future together for the Asian American community.

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Grossly Racist Comment About the UNC Shooting

“Wayne county school administration is now reviewing the high school principal who posted this grossly racist comment about the UNC shooting.

For what it's worth, Wayne county schools are 68% non-white.”


2023-09-26 Current Status of SB264 and Its Actual Impact

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